Do you want to experience a city or beautiful landscape with your company but you are not a fan of standard sightseeing or guided tours?

Almost every town or area has its secret spots and stories. We combine them with amusing and/or mysterious and enthralling riddles, exercises and tasks whilst you are following the Nav from GPS-point to GPS-point. Taking place in a a big city, small town, forest or at a lake – you choose where the journey should take you.

For example the James Bond Trophy where Mr. Evil steels the key of energy of Europe. The special agents have to show their skills in motor-boat chases, gunshot duels or breathtaking abseil-maneuvers etc. to find the key and save the world.

Or what about the Da Vinci Code Trophy? Higgledy-piggledy through the small and narrow backstreets of the city below the surface through catacombs which have never seen a ray of sunlight before. Can you solve the Cryptex’ riddle to find the company’s holy grail? In order to master all the given challenges groups have to work together and will develop strengths and unbeatable teams spirit.

Tailored Company Trophies

You are celebrating your company’s anniversary or planning an incentive for a special reason? If requested we make your own personalized Company Trophy with tasks and quizzes relating to your work or business.